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Over one year ago, I begun posting on this Daily Gallery. Through all ...

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A fellow "smugmugger" turned me on to this site and I'm now hooked.
As a maritime native , I miss the ocean with it's wonderful photographic opportunities ,but I still need lots of practice and equipment to attain great scenery shots.
Thank you for all the beautiful work posted here and the nice comments made on my work thus far.I especially love nature and seascapes .My goal is to get half as good as many artists I see here.
I'm from Hamilton , Ontario on Lake Ontario.
Have a look at shots from My Neighborhood Walks , under Nature. I don`t know how to place it on the first page.
Summer of 2013 is coming.

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May 8 ,2011
These irises look a little bedraggled. Ones nearer shelter looked a lot better.

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